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Editing Services by Native Speakers of English

It is normal for non-native English speakers to experience difficulties when trying to write with fluency. That is why the solutions Kalite Editing Services offers are so useful, as they ensure that texts appears as if they have been written by a native-speaking author.

We have a staff of native-language editors specialized in a particular study area. We provide professional editing services for academic journals, faculty members, students, authors and businesses.

Our editors are highly experienced in editing all types of documents including research articles, reviews, books, abstracts, extended abstracts, presentations, analyses, case studies, undergraduate theses, master’s theses, doctoral theses, medical reports, posters, CVs, cover letters, essays, and commercial and marketing texts.

We have affordable editing prices. To learn more about our editing and proofreading prices, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Editing versus Proofreading

You only pay for the services you need thanks to the our linguistic check options, each of which has its own special content. You can use the proofreading service if you are an author who is confident about the content and if you believe you have made all the necessary language revisions but still want to ensure that the punctuation, grammar, and spelling are of the highest language standard. However, if you are an author who experiences deficiencies in language use, fluency, sentence structure, and terminology use, you can use our editing service, which is alternatively referred to as copy editing, substantive editing, extensive editing or deep editing and conducted by two editors.

Many journals have imposed a criterion that all submissions must be checked by a native English-speaking editor and that they come with a certificate corroborating this fact. We award a Certificate of Editing (COE) across all editing documents, which indicates that your article has been checked by a professional editor, who is a native English speaker and who is specialized in the relevant field.

We guarantee a free revision of manuscripts criticized for language problems that are completely due to our company’s mistakes. We make the necessary revision considering all kinds of customer feedback.



O. Hansen

The service I receive is always at the same level of quality and professionalism regardless of the editor I work with. The comments made upon the manuscript also indicate that the work was quite careful. I congratulate the Kalite Editing staff.

T. Fernandez

Kalite Editing Services charges very reasonable fees in addition to their quick and qualified service. I have worked with a number of editing companies so far. I can say that the best performance belongs to Kalite Editing Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have a wide range of services including translation, transcription, paraphrasing, localization, DTP solutions and so on. For more detailed information about our services, please visit our website.
You can send us your file by e-mail using the following address: info@kaliteediting.com
Delivery times may vary depending on the length of the file, the availability of the editors who are suitable for the field of the relevant study, and the urgency of the job. We can adjust delivery times in accordance with customer needs.
Upon your request, we can send a soft copy of your invoice by e-mail or a hard copy by post.
You can pay for the services you purchased from Kalite Editing Services via bank wire, TransferWise or credit card. Transaction fees are under the responsibility of customers. An extra charge of 3.5% is added through credit card payments.